Sod Varieties

The Sod Source Inc: Variety charts And Sod Prices Per Pallet

The Sod Source supplies and installs turf throughout the entire state of Georgia and we’re proud to offer the affordable sod prices Georgia residents need. That doesn’t mean we compromise on the quality of our sod, though. All our sod is home-grown at our local Unadilla farm and you’re more than welcome to drop in and check out the different lines available. Our top quality sod can be purchased by the pallet and you can check out the different sod prices per pallet below.

Different turf grass varieties from The Sod Source

We supply the following varieties of sod:

Grass SpeciesPalmetto St Augustine®Emerald Zoysia®Zeon Zoysia®Meyer ZoysiaFescueBermuda 419
Shade ToleranceHighMediumHighMed-HighHighLow
Water RequirementMediumVery-LowMediumMediumHigh-MedLow
Cold ToleranceMediumHighHighHighHighHigh
Traffic ToleranceLowMediumMediumHighLowHigh
Leaf TextureMed-CourseMediumFineMediumMed-FineFine
Disease PotentialHighLowLowMed-LowMed-HighLow
Mowing Frequency5-7 Days7-10 Days7-10 Days7-10 Days5-7 Days3-7 Days
Mowing Height1.5"-2.5"1"-2"1"-2"1"-2"2"-3"1/2"-1.5"
Fertilizer RequirementMediumMed-LowMediumMediumMediumHigh