Palmetto St. Augustine®-old

Locally Grown Palmetto St. Augustine® Sod

St Augustine grass has a high shade tolerance and needs mowing every five to seven days.. You’ll find that Palmetto sod has a slightly coarse texture and its fertilizer needs are moderate. This sod is not ideal for all situations as some drawbacks are that it has low traffic tolerance and also has high disease potential. If you’re based anywhere in Georgia state and hunting for a reliable supplier of St Augustine grass sod close by then get in touch with The Sod Source today to find out more.


Hot Weather Tolerance:Excellent
Shade Tolerance:Excellent
Wear Resistance:Good
Salt Tolerance:Good
Injury Recovery:Good
Winter Color:Dormant to Semi-Dormant
Mowing Height:1.5 to 2.5 inches.


Prefers neutral to alkaline soil – fertilize twice a year, spring and fall, with complete fertilizer (10-10-10). Use 10 pounds per 1,000 feet on each application. Apply three additional applications of nitrogen only during the summer months at a rate of 1 pound of nitrogen per 1,000 feet. (This will be around 5 pounds of the actual fertilizer.)

During sod establishment, water every day so that the soil is soaked 3-4 inches deep. Do not allow to wilt. An additional watering might be needed. The primary watering should be done between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Established sod should be watered every day during the hot months and about every 4-7 days during cooler months.

Mow 5-7 days at 1.5 to 2.5 inches.

Use Daconil to prevent disease on monthly basis.