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About Sod Source | Local Georgia Sod

The Sod Source was co-founded by Mississippi State University graduate Chris Hays in 1996. The farm launched with just 100 acres of sod but has grown to 500 acres over the years. At present 200 acres of turf is maintained by the farm. We’re located in Unadilla and specialize in the supply of top-quality sod direct from the fields.

What we do

We offer customers the best varieties of turf grass on the market and can supply and lay turf for residential yards, commercial premises, golf course, sports fields or private parks. You just need to let us know where you will need sod laying and any likely use of the ground and we will advise which turf would be most suitable for your needs. We supply sod throughout Georgia and are truly proud of our great reputation for being one of the best and most reliable suppliers of sod Atlanta residents can find.

The Sod Source always has 200 acres of the highest quality grass available for customers to buy and all our sod is homegrown on our farm. This means our sod is not only the highest quality around, but probably the most affordable on the local market, too. We regularly offer promotional deals to customers, so get in touch today if you’re looking around for local sod suppliers and are located anywhere in the Atlanta neighborhood.

Turf always looks beautiful, any time of year and can be used for a variety of different landscaping and external purposes. It is durable and versatile in nature and requires very little maintenance. One of the main benefits of using sod for your turfing needs is that it can installed and maintained in lots of areas where the use of grass seed is impractical or impossible. If you’re seeking a natural lawn and want instant results, fitting turf from The Sod Source can be the solution you need.

Different sods for a variety of situations

You can rely on The Sod Source to provide you with the best kind of turf grass for your venue or location. It’s easy to choose the wrong type of sod, as there are so many different types available. But, we will guarantee to supply you with the right sod to suit your purposes. We pride ourselves on being the local experts, so whether you’re in Atlanta or Savannah, we can get you the best sod for your landscaping needs.

Some sod features greater sensitivity to the sun, while other varieties need differing levels of water or fertilizer. Some turfgrass is more tolerant of heat than others, while some sod is better for colder locations. Sod also offers varying resistance to foot traffic, so if you’re installing a new lawn or sports field it’s important to choose a tough sod that will stand up to frequent use. Other turf grass needs more regular mowing and the heights grass grows to can also vary considerably. And, finally, some sod has more potential to develop grass diseases.

As you can see, choosing and fitting the right sod can be a tricky business. But, you can rely on the experts at The Sod Source to choose and supply exactly the right turf for your situation. Some of the different sods we grow at our farm and can supply throughout the entire state of Georgia include:

  • Palmetto St. Augustine®
  • Emerald Zoysia®
  • Zeon Zoysia®
  • Meyer Zoysia
  • Centipede
  • Fescue
  • Bermuda 419

We even supply different colors or textures in some of the above lines, to help ensure you get the turf you want.

You can pick up your sod direct from the farm, or we can deliver to your address, you choose which is most convenient. We’re also happy to install your sod, if preferred.

Sod supplies throughout the state of Georgia

We’ll happily supply sod to any location in the state of Georgia. Call today at 478-230-1619 or 866-658-9324 for an instant quote or take time to visit the farm personally so you can check out our entire range and all different colors for yourself.